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TV– when the viewer wants to watch it.

TV– about things that really matter.

TV– targeted specifically to and regional audiences.

Regional Reach TV. The name says it all.

Regional Reach TV is the newest and most exciting and effective way to communicate with regional and rural audiences.

It delivers specifically targeted news and information that relevant to a wide variety of regional and rural interest groups in a digital format. In fact, it’s digital news and information to regional people for regional people, by regional people.

The what, when and how of Regional Reach TV.

Anchored by rural/regional specialist journalist Emily Osmond, Regional Reach TV will present in-studio or in-field discussions and interviews about products, services and innovations designed to inform and educate. This material is then catalogued by segment/industry and is available as part of the Regional Reach TV archive, making it easily accessible whenever a viewer chooses to watch it. 

Click here to see how it all works.

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